Ways to support my child

This page has been created by Miss Murray – Support For Learning teacher.

Here I have included some information, strategies and visual tools which may support children during this period of home-learning, click on the links below:

Ways to engage children in home learning

Brain break menu – home learning

Daily activity schedule timing suggestions

Daily activity schedule blank

First, then, next chart


Is home learning proving challenging? Below are some frequently raised concerns, strategies and suggestions of how to work on these challenges:

Important reminders RE home learning!

My child is not interested in the home learning task

My child loses focus and is distracted during home learning

My child is struggling to work independently

My child takes a long time to complete an activity

I don’t have much time to support my child with home learning just now

Home Learning – FAQs for parents whole presentation


Below are Health and Well-being information presentations and activity grids focusing on mental and emotional well-being will be added each week:

HWB grid week 11 Miss Murray

HWB grid week 10 Miss Murray

HWB grid week 9 Miss Murray

HWB grid week 7 Miss Murray

HWB hrid week 6 Miss Murray

HWB grid week 5 Miss Murray

HWB week 4 grid Miss Murray

HWB week 3 grid Miss Murray

HWB week 2 grid Miss Murray

Emotion Zones

Emotion zones – TOOLBOX

Affirmations infants

Affirmations Upperstages



Here are some numeracy information presentations, games and resources:

Active numeracy menu


Multiplication strategies and games

Multiplication games 2,3,4,5,6 x table – Four in a row

Multiplication games 7,8,9,10,11,12 x table – Four in a row

spinner to 12

Four in a row games 2,3,4,5,6 division

four in a row games 7,8,9,10,11,12 division

10s + 1s place value spinner game

Roll, build, draw, write numbers


Here are some literacy information presentations, games and resources:

Writing support tool – Simple character spinner

Writing support tool – settings where simple spinner

Writing support tool – Story Spinners Twinkl

fictional story planning tool basic

fiction story planning mountain tool

Making a fiction book part 1 – preparation!

Making a fiction book part 2 – planning

Making a fiction book part 3 – writing!

alphabet letter formation prompts

alphabet spinner

lower and uppercase board

Phonics & spelling tips & info

Elkonin boxes – spelling tool

We’re going on a spelling hunt!!!

Grapheme Bingo (1)

Rainbow writing poster

Broomhill graphemes stage 1 – 4

stage 1 grapheme cards

stage 2 grapheme cards

stage 3 grapheme cards

stage 4 grapheme cards


Here are some sources of information about areas of difficulty your child may be experiencing and resources or ways to support:

Fine motor skills and letter formation info

Dyslexia Concerns



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