Communication with parents

Regular newsletters are emailed to parents to keep them informed of school news, developments and successes. Information letters are also issued to stages/classes/groups as appropriate.

At Broomhill we use Groupcall Messenger and Groupcall Xpressions communication systems. Messages are sent direct to the mobile phone of the parent/guardian listed as the first contact. Communication alerts may include general or specific information, parental requests and reasons for unexplained absences.

The school’s website features various information as well as individual class blogs that allow you to keep up to date with classroom activities and events.

We encourage parents who live at different addresses to maintain a good level of communication. Please contact the school office to ensure both households receive school information.

On occasion Aberdeen City Council and Scottish Government communication will be distributed through the school.

The list below is a guide to school communication;

School Communication Option Information Included
Groupcall Text Emergency information and attendance queries only
Groupcall Xpression Generic information, reminders and volunteer requests
Email Newsletters, meeting invites, letters
Twitter Generic information
Website Detailed information and class blogs

How to set up Groupcall Xpressions

When you are ready to set up your Xpressions login make sure that the mobile phone number that you have recorded at the school is switched on.

  1. Download the Xpressions app: 
  2. When you have installed the app, open it and enter your email address then click ‘NEXT’

All personal details will be taken from the school records, so the information you provide needs to match what they have on file. If you are unable to enter details successfully you will need to speak to your school office. If you are sure you have entered information correctly but you still see an error message, it is likely that the school records are incorrect so please contact your school.

  1. Enter your mobile number and click ‘NEXT’

When you have entered details correctly you will receive a text message to your mobile phone containing a 6 digit code.

  1. Enter the code on the screen and press ‘LOGIN’

If you do not receive a code, use the ‘Resend Code’ function. However there can be delays due to mobile phone providers and other factors outside of the control of The Xpressions app and the school so please wait for at least 5 minutes and ensure you are in an area with mobile phone coverage.

For further information see

Pupil Progress Reports

During the year parents will receive a written report and will have the opportunity to discuss their child’s work and progress at interviews twice a year.  If the school identifies any concern parents will be contacted by the class teacher, head of department or head teacher.


It is important that parents do not visit classrooms to engage the class teacher in discussion—the teacher’s first responsibility  is to the children in their care. Should the need arise, an appointment to meet with your child’s teacher can be arranged at a mutually convenient time through the school office or a note sent via the pupil.

An appointment can also be made through the school office to speak to the Head or Depute Teachers. It would be helpful if parents indicated the nature of the enquiry at the time of making the appointment.  

Social Media

Aberdeen City Council’s Guide to Education and Children’s Services it states;

the inappropriate use of social media by either pupil or parent making derogatory comments in relation to a pupil, staff member or school is likely to lead to exclusion.”

Aberdeen City Council takes very seriously any issues of inappropriate use of Social Media in relation to its schools, pupils and staff members.

Please continue to support us and work together with us on ensuring appropriate use of Social Media.


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