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Interfaith Week

P6 Room 21 and P1 Room 7 worked together to create a place of worship for Interfaith Week. P6 enjoyed working with the younger children!

Buddhism visit – Interfaith Week

P6 enjoyed their visit from Mr Carter who came to talk to us about Buddhism. We all learned a lot and even got to have a go at some meditation.

Insulator or Conductor?

P6 used their knowledge of circuits to discover which materials conducted electricity and which insulated it. They found common insulator materials are plastic, rubber and wood. Insulators are used to protect…


Last week we learnt about Remembrance and created our own Van Gogh style ‘Fields of Poppies,’ paintings.   

Stop Disasters Game (P5)

Primary five have been working really hard to learn more about extreme weather and natural disasters, I am really impressed with everybody’s hard work from both classes, great work Room…


Lost Property

We have had a number of issues over the past couple of weeks around lost property, particularly coats/jackets.  Children are reminded constantly to wear their jackets outside, particularly as the…

Switch It On

This week P6 have been learning about how electricity works. During one activity, we pretended to be electrons moving around a wire. The batteries handed energy to the electrons to…


Children in Need

Children in Need is on Friday 17th November this year. As the pupils will be off school that day, we have decided that we will celebrate this on Thursday 16th…


Parent Council AGM

Dear Parent / Carer  I would like to invite all Broomhill Shool Parents / Carers to the Parent Council AGM on Tuesday 14th November 6.30pm – 7.45pm.  Please find the…

Opening of the Library

Yesterday the Rohan Library was officially opened. Alice (who won the competition to design the door) made a short speech to special guests and a representative from each class. Eleanor…

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