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Happy Easter Message from our Broomhill Staff!

First Week of lockdown – despite all, we’re still doing it the Broomhill way!

Our 2nd week of lockdown and still going strong but looking forward to our Easter Holidays!

The start of a new term working in a new way.  Off to a great start, here’s a snapshot of Week 1 Term 4!

So, so many snapshots to choose from this week, I had to make two videos!  Week 2 Term 4 coming up!

A shorter week this week but Week 3 still has lots of amazing examples of our online learning!

We keep wonderin’ and wonderin’ and wonderin’…when will our lives begin?

Term 4 Week 4 – So many amazing snapshots of learning this week, we needed two videos!  Enjoy!

So it’s Week 5 already and we’re still shining!  Here’s a snapshot of your amazing online learning this week…

Still shining…….

Week 5 and 6 P1

Week 6 – Still going strong!





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