Our staff team, including links to teacher Twitter accounts.

Broomhill School Twitter Account

Senior Management Team

Mrs Reid Head Teacher 

Mrs Mutch Depute Early Learning and Childcare and P1-3

Mrs Leslie Depute P4-7 and SFL


Senior Early Years Practitioner:

Mrs Petrova

Miss Manson 

Early Years Practitioners:

Miss Gavin

Miss Gray

Miss Hatten

Miss Macdonald

Mrs Barkley 

Support Workers:

Mrs Doonga

Mrs Karczewska

Mrs Reid

Miss Bastable 


P1 (Rm  4) Miss McClosky 

P1 (Rm  5) Miss Massie

P1 (Rm 7) Mr Hewitt

P2 (Rm 8) Miss Forbes/Mrs Gordon

P2 (Rm 9) Miss Palompo

P2 (Rm 10) Mrs Bruce

P3 (Rm 11) Miss Moorhouse/Mrs Shand

P3 (R 12) Miss McGregor

P3/4 (Rm 13) Mr King

P4 (Rm 15) Miss Webster

P5 (Rm16) Miss Robertson

P5 (Rm 18) Ms Gardner/Ms Sealy

P6 (Rm 19) Miss Wagg

P6 (Rm 20) Mrs Powell

P7 (Rm 21) Miss Morrison

P7 (Rm 22) Mrs Milne

Support for Learning & Non Class Contact Cover

Miss Murray

Miss Aitken

Mrs Dillaway

Mrs Webster

Mrs Shand

Miss Forbes

Pupil Support Assistants

Mrs Bruce

Mrs Craig

Mr Forbes

Mrs Lynch

Mrs Martin

Mrs Stratton

Ms Syme

Mrs Thain

Mrs Wilson

Mrs Youles 

Office staff

Mrs Turner

Miss McCurvie

School Nurse

Mrs Maggie Watt

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