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Hey guys! 

It’s the blog team again to tell you about the main event of this week. Enjoy!

Both classes got a chance to take a walk on Aberdeen’s most important street, Union Street. We met up with Mr. Patterson (our ‘tour guide’) at the Mercat Cross. He told us dozens of interesting facts about Union street and its historic past in addition to the struggle the government (and people) went through to build it. Mr. Patterson took us to countless locations such as Peacock’s Close, the area where St. Katherine’s hill used to be, Windmill Brae and so many more! The final fact he told us was, what used to be in place of the Music Hall, he said the government wanted to remove the grand pillars that give the Music Hall it’s unique look, so the pedestrians could have more space to walk on.

Thank you for reading our blog! Make sure to check every Wednesday for an update on our week! 

-Mimi, Olive (R19), Kyle and Sophie.S (R20)

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