Life is like a blank canvas. It’s up to you how you paint it.

Together as a class we have discussed many influential and thought provoking quotes. These have encouraged us to think of our futures and imagine where our lives are going to…

Reading with r22

This afternoon room 4 read their reading homework books with room 22. Room 22 were encouraging the primary 1’s to sound out their letters and blend the sounds together to…


P2/3 have taken home a Farm to Fork task map for homework. This task map is to go alongside our Scottish project this term. Children are to complete one task…

Young Leaders

P2/3 had their P.E. Taken by the young leaders. The young leaders are primary 6 children who have been trained to organise and plan activities for the primary 1-3 children….

Mary’s Family Tree

P5 Room 15 exploring Mary Queen of Scots’ family tree today. 

Scots poetry competition

Just a reminder to get children practising their poems at home this week. We will be listening to them during class time on Monday 22 January. Many thanks 😊

Get moving with GoNoodle

The boys and girls in Room 11 have been enjoying getting active with GoNoodle after lunch. This helps us to clear our heads before getting on with some work. You…

Happy New Year!

Welcome back everyone! P3 Room 12 have been very busy during the first two terms of the school year and put on an excellent nativity performance for all the parents…

Colourful Kandinsky

Primary 3 enjoyed using their fine motor skills to create these beautiful trees inspired by Kandinsky’ colourful artwork!

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