Sports Relief

This week took part in Tom Daley’s daily challenge to raise money for sports relief. We started the week with a skipping challenge. The children completed 10 laps around the dining hall. We then consulted the children on their next challenge. They voted between football and dodge ball and the overall winner was football. They had a great game and the Scotland team won 2-1. We finished the week with mixed sports and games. Thanks to all who donated, the children have had a great time taking part in the challenges.

The children have been interested in water and how it flows. We have investigated this using the bamboo pipes. We have saw lots of good teamwork and they have also worked together problem solving their ideas. There was good use of different containers to transport the water. They discussed which ones would work and found out the jugs with holes in wouldn’t hold the water for long so they had to transport the water quickly.


We had a great time at our trip to Satrosphere to see the “space” workshop. We took a trip into space to see all the planets, listened to a space story and explored the exhibition area. It was a great success and the children had lots of fun. We had a great discussion when we came back about their favourite parts of the trip and what they had learned. We hope to do this again sometime. Hope you all have a great weekend. 

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