Spring Fair

BROOMHILL SPRING FAIR is on Saturday 26th May from 12-2pm. If you are free to help with any of our activities, either from 12-1pm or 1-2pm (or both!) please email:…

Outdoor learning

  This week the children have had a go at planting their own Carrots, Lettuce and Spinach. They were very keen to be involved in the process and discussing how we…


  This week the children planted some Beetroot, Radishes and egg flower seeds. They discussed what they think would happen as they grow and how long they think this will take….

Space Art

P5 have been creating artistic versions of our Solar System.

Writing Playscripts

Room 15 have been creating play scripts for Little Red Riding Hood. We are using all the key features and thinking carefully about the dialogue.

Exploring science

This week we have been exploring magnets. The children investigated them using various objects and discussed forces. Some of them noticed that the magnets only joined together by sticking the opposite colours…

Exploring senses

  We have been exploring our senses this week. The children made slime which was great for their sense of touch. The children talked about it’s texture and got very messy in…

Paired Reading

We were enjoying the Rohan library with P1. We were all paired reading with P1 pupils.

Room 4 – our beans are growing!

We are very excited in room 4 to finally see our seeds growing. The seed leaves grow on a stalk which pushes them through the soil. On reaching the surface…

Growing Beanstalks

We have been looking at the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and learning about what plants need to grow. We have been working on rolling and throwing in PE…

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