Welcome to nursery 1 everyone

Welcome to all our new friends at nursery and welcome back to all the children who have returned from last term. The children have settled in so well and are…

September 2018

Welcome back to nursery to all returning children and a big welcome to all our new children. We have all settled back into the nursery routine and are looking forward to…

P6’s help P2 during maths week

A very big thank you to P6 who helped us complete different maths challenges in the playground today.

Maths week

During maths weeks we have been practising our number sequences by rolling a ball back and forward calling out the next number in the sequence.

Maths Week – Parent visits

A very big thank you to our parents who came in to speak to us about they use maths at home and at work.  On Monday, Ralph’s Mum spoke to…

Open Afternoon

We would like to invite you to attend an Open Afternoon on Tuesday 18th September. This will provide an opportunity for you to see your child’s class in action in…

Class Dojo

In addition to whole school procedures regarding behaviour our class have started a Class Dojo to promote and reward good work/behaviour.  Children save up Dojo points and trade them in…

Maths Week in Room 22

We welcomed Victor Pitta from Brazil to talk to us about how he uses maths at work. We learned about procurement in the Oil and Gas Industry and how to…

M and M productions

Today we enjoyed a fantastic performance of The Secret Garden from M & M Productions especially the impromtu sign-along to A Million Dreams!  

Tints and shades

We have been learning about tints and shades during art.

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