September 2018

Welcome back to nursery to all returning children and a big welcome to all our new children. We have all settled back into the nursery routine and are looking forward to learn and have fun at nursery.

We have discussed and agreed that we will visit the Woodies together with Nursery 1 every second Thursday for  outdoor learning. Parent helpers are required for these trips to the Woodies. Please add your name on the sheet (Parents information board) if you can help us.  Every other Thursday we will join Nursery 1 for outdoor play in the playground using our wheel toys. Please remember your helmets for these days.  We are also going to join together with nursery1  for short gym sessions once a week and will visit their garden on Mondays each week.

Scotty and Ribbons-our weekend bears have started their visits to the children homes. Please remember to return them the following Monday so we can all share and enjoy their adventures with your children.

Stay and play sessions will be available again  later this term or beginning of term 2, you are all welcome to come and play with us.

Term 1-we are still supporting the new children who joined us, and reminding the returnees  the nursery rules, how to be a good friend and how to and when to wash our hands-personal hygiene.

We are also concentrating on fine motor skills development, so there will be a different fine motor skill activity on offer each day for the children to take part in.

As always if you have any concerns, ideas or feedback-please speak to a staff member or use the suggestion box provided (parent information board).

Thank you.

Nursery 2 team

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