We have started our transition period. Many activities are planned to help preschool children get used to the big school. We have and will continue going to the dining hall for snack once or twice a week to get the children familiar with the hall. We will be doing activities with Primary 1 children, visiting primary 1 rooms . We have also been allocated a time slot to play in the infant hall as well as having a play time outside with the primary 1’s during the morning break.

Our learning topic this term is mini beast and growth.

We have also been taking advantage of the warm weather and have been visiting the Woodies along side with the other nursery. We have explored what mini beasts live in the Woodies, have looked at the places they can be found and the food they eat.  We had visits from a country side ranger who gave us a task to  a scavenger hunt, we have also done a nature hunt and underground hunt.

We have tadpoles at nursery and are closely observing the changes they go through while they grow. We also have ladybirds  whoa are just little larvae now but will soon grow into beautiful ladybirds. Please come and see them at nursery.

This month  the ranger back with us to teach us about campfire and how to keep safe. We also used the opportunity to toast some yummy vegetables, bread and marshmallows. They were delicious.


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