Mark making week!

The children have been experimenting with mark making this week. They have shown a great interest in these activities. We have provided them with various mediums to make marks in. They have explored shaving foam, flour, gloop (corn flour and water) They have used animals to make footprints in play dough and paint and painted on cling film. We have provided various tools such as forks, sponges, rollers and paint brushes for them to make marks in. This is a fun way to encourage literacy through creating swirls, lines and circles. We have given them the experience of both wet and dry materials so they can see the marks remain and disappear.

We always provide opportunity’s to experiment with writing across the learning bay’s in nursery. We encourage children to sign their name as they come into nursery. As they see adults doing this it encourages them to follow their lead and try this themselves. We have also included literacy opportunity’s in areas like the deconstructed role play where they can make marks on graph paper and look at house plans which include different texts. Our house/shop corner has paper for writing shopping lists and receipts which encourage children to create their own. It is great to see these being used throughout their play as it really enhances their literacy skills.




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