Religious and Moral Education

Buddhism Talk

Today Julian came into our class to teach us about Buddhism. He explained why he became a Buddhist, a little about how Buddhism came about and some key information about the religion. At the end of the talk we even tried out some simple meditation. We all learnt a lot about Buddhism and found the talk very interesting!

Here are some of the things we learnt:

  • People interpret Buddhism in different ways
  • Buddhists follow precepts
  • Some Buddhists don’t eat after noon
  • Buddhists can meditate to control their emotions
  • The man who became Buddha was a rich man
  • Buddha turned people away from Buddhism if they already had a religion that made them happy
  • Buddhists try to not get angry
  • Some Buddhist monks don’t count cocoa as food so can eat dark chocolate even when they’re fasting
  • Buddhists often don’t drink alcohol
  • Buddhists don’t steal

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