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Dear Parents/Carers


Broomhill School are looking to develop a Year Rep system to improve and develop relations between all parents/carers, Parent Council/PTA, our children and the teachers.

Becoming a Year Rep will give you an active role in your child’s school and help you to get to know parents across the whole school, it can be fun and shouldn’t be too time consuming. You would be really playing your part in making Broomhill Brilliant!

What would a Year Rep do?

  • Attending Parent Council meetings and passing on comments and suggestions from the other parents in your child’s class.
  • Helping with school events such as Summer/Christmas fairs. This may involve helping to organise the event, coordinating a particular stall and compiling a rota of Class parents to help on the day.
  • Drawing up a list of contact details for all in the Class, circulating this to families (if they sign up) this is helpful for arranging play dates/parties etc
  • Organising social events for parents such as coffee mornings and meals out.
  • Coordinating collections for end of term present for teacher.
  • Setting up and running a Facebook page where Class parents can communicate.
  • Acting as an extra line of communication between the teacher and parents, for example by passing on messages about school trips/events etc
  • Welcoming new children and parents to the year.

A hand book would be available to help get you started and give guidance.

Ideally there would be 2 Reps per year but there are no limits. It is really important to the school and our children that ALL parents/carers have a chance to get involved. We would like the Year Reps to represent the diversity of the school community, and would like both dads and mums, working and non-working parents to help out. Everyone is welcome.

If you are interested please could you email the below details to Jillywilly66@hotmail.com

Many Thanks

Jill Christie (Evans mum P5) – Year Rep Coordinator

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