An inspiring message from one of our P7s.

One of our P7 pupils posted this today in his Google Classroom – it has inspired and uplifted all of us.  Lovely to read that our Broomhill Vision is still as relevant during these challenging times.

Thank you so very much.

The one who does nothing makes no mistakes, we must remember that, mistakes happen to everyone, because no one is perfect, and if we notice them, we know what not to do, as my mother constantly shows me and explains my learning errors , because we are students in the learning process and mistakes teach us, now we also have not perfect situation for all of us, our beautiful free life has stopped, but we will return to it, the most important thing is that we survive together🌞, in Broomhill we create a school family and now we meet on the Google Classroom platform📧, but the spirit of our family is always and everywhere, so let’s enjoy the opportunities that we now have – let’s enjoy that our school community is still functioning and working together – we support and help, it is beautiful and uplifting, heads and smiles up😊, we can do it PS very huge thank you teachers that lead us in learning at that time.👩‍🏫👨‍🏫

Jakub P7

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