Primary one transition activities have began. We have lots of fun things planned to help the children going into primary one after the summer.


Last week the children took part in a learning experience at the woodies. Here they got to meet their teacher Miss Massie and also some of their new friends. The primary one children joined us too and helped the children to hunt for pictures of winnie the pooh and friends. While looking around they had to hold onto a rope and work together to stay in their teams. It was a great success and they had lots of fun.

The children have had the chance to visit their classroom and have a look around and read a story. This has been very exciting for them and they enjoyed looking around at all the different areas. We will continue to do this to help the children to become familiar with their classroom before they go into primary one.

As part of our science topic we erupted the volcano that the children made from Papier- Mache. This was a great success and we had lots of eruptions from adding the ingredients to it. The children discussed the names of the ingredients and talked about their different smells. We used bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and red food colouring.


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