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Broomhill School Sports Day 2018

The format of this year’s sports will follow the same format as last year as this proved to be a really enjoyable event for all. There will be 2 areas sectioned off on the field. One area is for Potted Sports and the other is for Races. One group of classes will be completing the Potted Sports, while the other group is competing in Races. There will be a ‘water’ break at half-time and the groups will swap over.

All parents and spectators should stay in the spectator area of the playing fields to watch.  There will be a great amount of activity going on therefore, we would be grateful if you do not cross the field and approach any pupils during the events. We appreciate and thank you for your support in this matter.  P4-7 pupils will have an earlier lunch on Sports Day. (11.50am – 12.50pm)

The Groups and timings for P1-3 are as follows:  Please note that timings are approximate.

GROUP A –  P1 Rm 4, P1 Rm 7, P2 Rm 9, P3 Rm 11

GROUP B –  P1 Rm 5, P2/3 Rm 8, P2 Rm 10, P3 Rm 12

Timetable of Events

Approximate Times GROUP A GROUP B
9.45am Potted Sports Races 1
10.30am Water Break
10.45am Races 2 Potted Sports
11.30am Sports Day Results

The Groups and Timings for P4-7 are as follows:  Please note that timings are approximate.

GROUP A – P4 Rm 18, P5 Rm 15, P6 Rm 20, P7 Rm 13

GROUP B –  P4 Rm 19, P5 Rm 16, P6 Rm 21, P7 Rm 22

Approximate Times GROUP A GROUP B
1.15pm Potted Sports Races 1
2.00pm Water Break
2.10pm Races 2 Potted Sports
3pm House Relay/ Sports Results

At the end of the Sports Activities pupils will walk back to school together and can be collected from school as usual.  We may be slightly late back to school in the afternoon

Pupils will earn points for their House Teams throughout the day and are encouraged to come to school wearing Sports Gear in their House Colour.  Your child will be aware of their House but as a reminder, the colours are:


Hopefully the sun will shine, so pupils should also come prepared with sun cream applied and a cap for shade.  Water will be provided for the pupils at the break.

In order to ensure the smooth running of this event we would require some helpers.  Helpers are required to assist with walking the pupils to and from the Sports Field, to tally points during potted sports activities and to assist classes during race times.  If you are able to help out at Sports, you should telephone the school office to let us know.  You needn’t be there for the whole day, if you can spare the morning or afternoon we would be most grateful.  Once you have given your name to the office, you should report to the school on the day and you will be allocated a job on arrival.

A Programme of Events will be issued at the gate on the day.

Our Parent Council will provide refreshments for parents. (Any volunteers to help with this should contact the Parent Council via email –

Again, parents are asked not to approach pupils to provide additional refreshments.  These will be provided by school, for pupils. Thank you.

We are looking forward to a very busy, fun, active day in the sunshine!  If the weather forecast turns wet, we will look at rescheduling the event for another day.

Thank you.

Mrs D Reid

Head Teacher


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