This week the children planted some Beetroot, Radishes and egg flower seeds. They discussed what they think would happen as they grow and how long they think this will take. They have also talked about the importance of caring for the seeds as they grow and not too dig them up during this process. We have had some very responsible children already looking out for them making sure no one uses these planters for digging in.



We have brought some art into the garden this week and the children have been painting on large rolls of paper attached to the fence. This has been very popular and they have used their gross motor skills in their shoulders and arms to create large artworks. They enjoyed using chalk on the ground too. The garden is looking very summery!   


The dig pit has been a source of interest this week. Especially from some of our new children. We have had some very muddy clothes but have had lots of fun making mud pies and filling different sized pots and containers. Have a great weekend everyone.

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