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Tips for Reading Together

Here are some ideas to try when reading with your child at home.

  • Read along together-this will help boost confidence with new texts
  • Read a sentence each- this helps your child to focus on the structure and punctuation of sentences
  • Take turns to read a paragraph each-this will help highlight how stories are structured into paragraphs
  • Model some reading adding expression during speech-this helps develop your child’s confidence to try adding some expression during reading aloud
  • Talk about the characters, setting and plot-this helps check understanding and you can make links with personal experiences and other similar stories
  • Ask your child to predict what will happen next-this develops focused thinking and furthers understanding
  • Talk about any “wow” or confusing words and discuss/find out their meanings (on-line dictionary is quick and easy!)- this helps extend vocabulary
  • Ask your child why you think an event happened or a character acted in a certain way-this develops reasoning

Most importantly-enjoy reading together!


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