Wet Weather Policy

Following some recent enquiries regarding our Wet Weather Policy, specifically arrangements in the morning, before school, please note the following information which we hope will clarify the School’s position. The information in our School Handbook states:

School Hours:

The School assumes responsibility for pupils at 8.55am when the school day begins.  Please ensure that children do not arrive in the playground too early and are appropriately dressed in inclement weather.  Parents should be aware that no staff are available to supervise pupils before 8.55am and after 3.10pm.  Any variations in school hours will be intimated by the Head Teacher in writing.

I have become aware that historically the main door may have been opened early to allow children to enter school prior to the bell ringing, on days when the weather has been poor.  However, this has to be reliant upon adequate supervision within the school. There is no requirement for staff to be supervising pupils prior to the school day and should there not be adequate, willing, staffing cover in school to allow this to happen safely, we would be unable to open the doors early. The Health and Safety of our pupils has to be our main priority and the situation has to be risk assessed accordingly. Therefore, my stance would be that on wet days should we have appropriate cover within the school to supervise pupils coming into the building slightly earlier, then this is entirely appropriate but parents/carers should be aware that we cannot guarantee this, it may not always be possible therefore there may be days when we are unable to open the doors early.  Parents/carers are respectfully requested to ensure that where possible children come to school prepared for adverse weather conditions and the pupils will be asked to enter the school building in the usual manner, ensuring the safety of all our pupils.

Thank you for your support. I hope this clarifies the School’s position. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you wish to discuss this further, or have any concerns.

Mrs D Reid

Head Teacher

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