School Uniform

Children are encouraged to wear their school uniform when attending school and when representing it elsewhere. Children wear school uniform and most are proud to do so. Parental support in this area is appreciated. Children should wear sensible shoes as an accidental fall in the playground or on the school stairs could have serious consequences.

Children must be dressed appropriately for school – fashion clothing in school colours is not always appropriate as fashion styles vary and some are clearly leisure/party wear.

Basic Uniform

BOYS : Grey trousers: grey or white shirts: green or grey knitwear or sweat-shirt

GIRLS: Green gingham dresses (optional for summer):grey skirts, pinafores or kilts: green or white blouses: green or grey knitwear or sweat-shirt.

School blazers are green – optional

Green outdoor jackets and fleeces are sold by the PTA

School t-shirts, polo-shirts, sweat-shirts and ties may be purchased through the school office as can school homework bags and water bottles.

Children should have a smock or some form of protective clothing for art/craft work  – an old shirt (from dad or an uncle) is ideal for older children.

Children should not wear jeans to school as these are best kept for casual wear.

Gym Kit

It  is important for reasons of safety and hygiene that all pupils are properly dressed for gym.

All children should come to school in their school uniform and change for physical activity lessons.

The  recommended  kit  for  gym  and  field  for  boys  and  girls  is  as  follows:

Plain black/dark gym shorts, school or plain white tee-shirt and gym shoes

Gym shoes should be of the non-lacing kind for younger children. Gym shoes worn in the gym should NOT have been worn outside (as grit can damage the wooden floor) and should not have black soles. Beach or casual wear is not suitable for school activities. Children should not wear football kits to gym or field as it encourages unhealthy team rivalry and is far removed from school uniform.

Jewellery is dangerous when worn during physical activity and children will be asked to remove such items for the duration of the lesson. Please remember that playgound activity can be just as boisterous and careful consideration should be given to the appropriateness of anything worn to school. In particular, valuable jewellery should not be brought to school in case of loss or damage.


Clothing Grant

A clothing grant is available to families in need.  An application form to apply for this can be obtained from the school office or Education, Cuture and Sport Support Team, Marischal College, Broad Street, Aberdeen AB10 1AB.

Lost Property

Please name all items of clothing which might get lost at school. This makes it easier to find the owner of lost property. Many children cannot identify their own clothing, particularly items of uniform.

Lost property is kept in the lost property box in the infant hall for a reasonable period of time.

Money or valuables should never be left in the cloakroom area.

Expensive personal property/toys should not be brought to school as the school cannot take responsibility for their safekeeping.

Mobile telephones are discouraged and must not be switched on in school – any contact with parents during the school day must be through the school office.

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