After widespread consultation with parents we have formulated a detailed school homework policy which is issued to all families.  Extra copies are available on application to the school office.

Homework given to pupils may take many forms and may be for a variety of reasons.

Spelling, language work, mathematics, research work, collecting material for Environmental Studies, are all tasks which may be set.

Whatever the task, the homework will be purposeful, be geared to the level of the child and set for the benefit of the child.

Each day it should take, on average, from 15-30 minutes to complete as the child progresses through the school.

If a parent has any query about the homework which has been set or the length of time it takes to complete, they should arrange to discuss the matter with the class teacher, Deputy Head Teacher responsible for the department or the Head Teacher.

The School welcomes and expects the support of parents in ensuring that any homework set is completed satisfactorily and signed by the parent.  By signing the homework assignment parents indicate that the presentation of the child’s work is to a standard they consider satisfactory.

Teachers will inform parents if homework is not being completed satisfactorily. When homework is habitually not completed a member of the management team will contact the parent and, where support is not forthcoming, the teacher will be relieved of the responsibility of setting and chasing homework thus enabling their time to be used more profitably.

In addition to regular Homework, school work may be sent home for completion if deemed necessary by the class teacher – but only if the child has been at fault e.g. deliberate time wasting/capering  in class.

School work (other than reading assignments) is not set during absence from school due to short term ill health or family holiday. Taking children out of school for family holidays during term time is discouraged and recorded as unauthorised absence.

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