Expressive Arts

The framework for expressive arts begins with experiences and outcomes for presentation and performance followed by the experiences and outcomes in:

  • art and design
  • dance
  • drama
  • music

The children’s learning in, through and about the expressive arts:

  • enables them to experience the inspiration and power of the arts
  • recognises and nurtures their creative and aesthetic talents
  • allows them to develop skills and techniques that are relevant to specific art forms and across the four capacities
  • provides opportunities for them to deepen their understanding of culture in Scotland and the wider world
  • is enhanced and enriched through partnerships with professional arts companies, creative adults and cultural organisations.

Musical Instrument Tuition

The provision of instrumental instruction is an extra to the school curriculum. Lessons are given during the school day and involve release from normal school work. Pupils are selected for instruction by the tutors involved.  The number selected depends not only on aptitude but also on the availability of instruments and instructors. At the present time we have tuition in piano, violin, cello, guitar, double bass, accordion and a number of brass instruments. If you wish your child to be considered, please send a written request to the Head Teacher. Your child’s name will then be placed on the waiting list if necessary.  Children will usually be in P4 before they will be considered (occasionally P3 for piano/violin only).  Fees are payable for tuition.

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