A request should be submitted to the Head Teacher if a need arises to withdraw a child during term time or even briefly during normal school hours .

In no circumstances will a pupil be allowed to leave the school for an appointment or any other reason unless he/she is collected from the office by a parent or a parent’s representative.

It is a statutory requirement to record the attendance rates and rates of authorised and unauthorised absence of pupils. Therefore, children who have been absent for any reason must bring a short explanatory note on their return.  If you are aware your child wll be absent then it is helpful to inform the school office.

Please telephone for short absences and minor ailments to prevent a Groupcall text alert being sent to your mobile phone.

If  your child is to be absent unexpectedly after lunch please telephone the school office so we know the child is in your care .

Latecomers report to the school office for registration and to cancel any Groupcall alert notified by the class teacher who would be assuming absence.  Please note that the only access into the school building after 9.00 am is through the Gray Street door.

Frequent or unexplained absences or persistent lateness will be reported by the Head Teacher and investigated by the Home School Liaison Officer.

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