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Young Leaders

The young leaders have been getting trained to organise and lead games for the primary 1-3 children at break and lunch time. This past week the young leaders have been…

Bridges Around the World

Today, Miss Smith taught us about bridges around the world. Our learning Intention was: to identify man-made landmarks in Scotland and the wider world, and discuss the impact on communities….

P6 Rounding Challenge

Today we were set a challenge to revise our rounding skills by completing a problem solving Puzzle.  

Term 3 Primary 6 Room 20

This term the whole of Broomhill Primary are doing a Scottish based topic. Our topic is called Scottish Landscapes and we are going to learn about important and interesting landmarks…

Young Leaders

P2/3 had their P.E. Taken by the young leaders. The young leaders are primary 6 children who have been trained to organise and plan activities for the primary 1-3 children….

Robot Workshop

This morning Ben taught us how to program robots to move around a maze. We worked in groups of four and competed to find out who could code the robot…

Alice’s Christmas Cards

Today Alice did the teaching for Mrs Shaw and Miss Macrae! She taught us to make newspaper Christmas cards which were simple yet effective. Thank you, Alice!  

Film and Novel Review of ‘Wonder’

After reading and going to see ‘Wonder’ in the cinema, we all wrote a comparative review of the film and novel in class. Kaitlin A. wrote a particularly good piece…

P6 Christmas Party!

P6 had lots of fun at their Christmas Party. There were games, food, Scottish Country Dancing and a dancing competition. Here are some pictures of us having fun!

Carol Singing at Holburn South

On Wednesday, P6 went to Holburn South Church to do some carol singing at their Christmas Lunch. It was a slippy walk down an icy Gray Street but we had…

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