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Water bottles need homes

Please please remind your children to take their water bottles ho,every day. In this heat it isn’t hygienic to let them sit in the classroom for any great length of…

Scottish Water visit

We had a visit from two ladies who work for Scottish water. They came to tell us how important it is to keep water clean, we learned about what can…

Buttery biscuit houses

To end off our community topic last term, the P2/3 and P3 classes joined up to build houses out of biscuits… best of all was eating them at the end!…

Commonwealth Games circuits

We challenged ourselves in gym toda by completing nine different circuits inspired by sports played at the Commonwealth Games.  

Invisible ink!

We thoroughly enjoyed using ‘invisible ink’ to write our spelling words today! We used white wax crayons and water colour paints.

Homework for the last week

Hi everyone, Just a wee note to say that the last homework grid for the term will go out on Wednesday 21 March and will be due back to school…

Character introductions in Drama

The children in Room 11 have been working on introducing themselves as a character. They gave themselves an action as they introduced themselves to the rest of the class. We…

Quick reaction time in PE

We have been working on our reaction time in PE – we worked on different ways to stop a ball when a certain call was made.  

Paired reading in Primary 3

Both Primary 3 classes have enjoyed going outside into the fresh air to share their new reading books with one another.  

Design your dream house!

We thoroughly enjoyed designing our dream homes using rulers and fine black pens! Our designs included tree houses, secret tunnels, swimming pools and much more!

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