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P4 2018-19 Session Free School Meal Applications

All Primary 1-3 pupils in Scotland receive free school meals. From Primary 4 onwards free school meals are only available to eligible pupils if their parents or carers receive one…

Primary 2/3 and Primary 3 get moving

As part of this week’s PE, the three classes came together for some Zumba and fitness bursts. We worked our quads and shoulders and enjoyed singing to the music.

Word processing in ICT

We have been working in Microsoft word, learning how to type and edit text. We enjoyed experimenting with different fonts and colours.

Paired reading in P3

Both Primary three classes came together to improve their reading fluency today. The boys and girls paired up and read aloud to their partners. We are aiming to sound less…

A musical adventure to Madagascar

We thoroughly enjoyed watching the P7’s final dress rehearsal! What a fabulous job everyone has done, excellent singing, acting and dancing! Just amazing, well done to all the P7s and…

Keeping safe

Room 11 has been learning about how be safe at home. We have talked about safe and unsafe substances and how to store them safely. Some boys and girls made…

Archaeologists for the afternoon!

On a quest to discover what the Vikings ate, Room 11 became archaeologists for the afternoon. We put on our gloves and a brave face and prepared to dissect Viking…

Viking drama

Room 11 and 12 have been working their acting skills. Using what they’ve learned about Viking life, the boys and girls have enjoyed reenacting building long ships and long houses.

Science in room 11

After building our Viking longships, we learnt about buoyancy in preparation for trying to float them! We rested a few items in a bucket of water to see if they…

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