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Scotland Project

P2/3 have been learning about where their food comes from this week. They have looked at different types of grain and what they make and also where the different meat…

P2 poems

Thank you to our p7’s for reciting our poems to help us learn them.


P2/3 have taken home a Farm to Fork task map for homework. This task map is to go alongside our Scottish project this term. Children are to complete one task…

Young Leaders

P2/3 had their P.E. Taken by the young leaders. The young leaders are primary 6 children who have been trained to organise and plan activities for the primary 1-3 children….

Scots poetry competition

Just a reminder to get children practising their poems at home this week. We will be listening to them during class time on Monday 22 January. Many thanks 😊


P2/3 have been using play dough to learn their new spelling sounds ph and tch this week.

Christmas Party

We had lots of fun at the Christmas party yesterday. We wish everyone a very merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

I’m Dreaming of a Broomhill Christmas!

After lots of very, very hard work, 2 dress rehearsals and 3 performances our show has finally come to an end. Well done to all of the boys, and girls (and…

Seating plan for P2 and P3 show

To help you decide where to sit here is a plan of where each class will be seating throughout most of the show.  Looking forward to our performances this week!

Education city access

Education City are currently updating the format of their content.  Click here for information regarding accessing Education City through Puffin Academy to access older format content.

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