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Buttery biscuit houses

To end off our community topic last term, the P2/3 and P3 classes joined up to build houses out of biscuits… best of all was eating them at the end!…


Primary 2/3 had an amazing time learning Judo from Gordon. They practiced falling properly and how to pin down an opponent.

Russian Lessons

One of the pupils in our class has been learning Russian. They kindly used their knowledge and taught the rest of the class some words in Russian. We learnt words…


P2/3 will be doing some experiments on the weather next week. In order to do this we need plastic bottles. If you have any empty bottles could you please bring…

Watercolour Words

P2/3 have been exploring using watercolours in art. They used the technique of writing in white crayon and then painting over in watercolour to practise their spelling words this week.

Broomhill shares a story

Just a wee reminder that Thursday 1 March is World Book Day!   Broomhill Shares a Story

St Valentine

p2/3 were learning about the story of St Valentine. They listened to the story and then told the story back in their own words. Using the version of the story…

Broomhill Sharing the Learning Day

We had a fantastic time on Wednesday sharing our learning across the school, creating our clans and raking part in the Highland Games. Our pupils displayed confidence, good cooperation skills…

Topic Talk

Please be aware of the homework sent home today that due on Monday 26 February 👍

Problems with subscribing

There continues to be a problem with the website subscriptions.  Currently those subscribed are not getting notified when a new post is made.  This is currently being investigated by the…

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