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Scotland – Sharing the Learning Videos!

As part of a whole school topic on Scotland, each stage focused on different aspects such as influential Scots, agriculture and climate and conservation.  On Friday we gave group presentations…

Our new topic – toys

We have started a new topic, of course we will still be watching our beans and sunflowers grow. We will be  answering some big questions. What are the differences between…

Paired Reading

We were enjoying the Rohan library with P1. We were all paired reading with P1 pupils.

Room 4 – our beans are growing!

We are very excited in room 4 to finally see our seeds growing. The seed leaves grow on a stalk which pushes them through the soil. On reaching the surface…

Room 4, great work!

L. worked very hard in class during our phonics lesson. She was very proud of her work!

Room 4 green fingers

As part of our new mini topic room 4 planted some broad bean seeds. We will be examining what plants need to grow and keeping a progress diary. 

Stained glass windows

After our visit to South Holborn Church room 4 were inspired to make our own very colourful stained glass windows. We used wax paper, coloured tissue paper and lots of…

Our local community – the role of a nurse

A’s mum very kindly came to talk to the p1’s. She explained where she works and how she helps people.  She showed us some of the “equipment” she uses and…

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