Statement & Aims


Your child is someone special and it is our aim  to make his/her time at Broomhill  a happy and profitable one.  By providing an interesting, stimulating and secure environment we hope to create a community in which every child is eager to play his/her part.

To enable us to achieve this for the children in our care we require the assistance and co-operation of parents, for only by working together will your child receive the fullest benefit from his/her time here.

The 1981 Education Act

The Act, popularly known as ‘The Parents’ Charter’, lays down that with certain provisos, parents may apply for the admission of their child to the school of their choice. The Head Teacher will be pleased to explain more fully the implications of this Act.



In Broomhill School we endorse the Local Authority Educational Aims and embrace the aims of the Curriculum for Excellence to:

  • focus classroom practice upon the child and around the four capacities of education:
    –  successful learners
    –  confident individuals
    –  responsible citizens
    –  effective contributors
  • encourage  learning through experiences

As a school we strive to:

  • promote a community feeling in school where all pupils,  staff, parents, carers and visitors feel welcomed and valued.
  • encourage the development of happy and healthy children  who are confident, responsible and caring towards each other and the environment.
  • ensure high quality teaching and learning experiences to engender literate and numerate children with lively enquiring minds with the ability to question and argue rationally.
  • foster an ethos of achievement in a safe, stimulating and interesting environment;
  • encourage self respect, self discipline, perseverance and independence through a broad and balanced curriculum
  • establish sound working relationships with all stakeholders including children, parents, staff and outside agencies.
  • improve the work of the school through commitment to professional development and ongoing self evaluation by parents, pupils and staff.
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